Still Practicing What I Teach

Steve Jackson wove an engaging tale about me in 1994.

Entitled “Practice What You Teach”. The article captured my key professional governing values: 1) Students are important and must be treated respectfully, particularly by the administration. 2) Teachers are important and must be supported by the administration. 3) Schools should be Creative Harbors where Innovations are naturally birthed as a result of the dynamic relationships of educators and students who are inherently creative.

Hopeful, optimistic school and classroom leadership are essential to engage the intuitive nature of students who join the educational environment through affect and spirit. Trust and respect are a glue leading to educational loyalty that builds an essential school cohesiveness.

Effective Schools are Magical. School achievement levels grow in such settings. A visiting Northcentral Assessment team validates the significant power of the school’s culture when educational dynamism is in play.

In troubled school communities, an evolved school can assist in reducing the crime rates in adjacent neighborhoods. This can be demonstrated in official data including murder rates. Connected to these changes is heightened safety for school staff and students. I offer that effective school leaders must be talented, committed, ethical, courageous and highly collaborative.

Effective schools require effective people.


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