The Early Childhood Literacy Voucher: Door Way to Reducing Poverty in America

It is a golden time to look to the diverse future of America.  America, unfortunately, is historically steeped in practices that help to perpetuate social, financial, and educational inequities.  This needs to change to make America a stronger nation in the immediate and distant future.  President Trump can help to empower America by assuring that his voucher policy  extends to four year olds, a significant number of whom are living in poverty.  Poverty intersects with lower preparation for school.  So, these youngsters enter school with inadequate vocabulary, inadequate  fluency; missing out on essential tools for immediate school readiness and success.  Remediation is not enough.  It is time to start funding the youngest Americans for fully attended success as adults through the reallocation of funds to assist readiness rather than perpetuating the historic practice of funding remediation which is what the tentative voucher plan seems to offer. 

We must move away as a country from codifying practices and policies with which tie the hands of communities and families and citizens in general.  When we allow policy makers to appease political rivalries rather than legislate for collective growth and success through the distribution of funds; this is a mistake. But mistakes are choices. We must not judge,  We must act to improve the future over the past.  We must show our beliefs in meeting the needs of the least empowered by protecting the education potential of this young Americans. The opportunity is now to grow the Americans who will govern the country in 2047.










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