Does It Matter to You?

My first thought  was my  bullet proof status. My world is tucked far away from the maddening crowd— especially if I stop reading Facebook sky is falling postings . But insecurity sneaked in and I checked to see how the presidential election  outcomes could impact Bliss World

First awakening of change was some heightened everyday meanness.  Truly. I have encountered an uptick in behavior our mothers taught us not to do when we were kindergarteners.

Medical care…. oh no.  I have been indifferent to the word battle over Obama Care. i did resent the government in my business; requiring me to do what I can do anyway. But there seems to be A Greater Good served by allowing more Americans access to medical care.

Possible privatizing of Social Security?  Ok.  Bias Alert.  Privatizing will not help the consumer.  How do the rich keep getting richer.  No no don’t tell me.

Concluding with what impacts me most:  Pot Holes, long lines in grocery stores, increased cable bills. Cold waves  increasing utility bills  RAINDROPS FALLLING ON MY HEAD….







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