Hat’s Off to the Seattle Educators for Taking a Stand.

Fellow educators, I salute you.  You stand and send the message that all lives do indeed matter.  Leave it to an educator to display the compassion and intellect, commitment and courage to once again stand and deliver.

Historic times in America, codified legal injustices where the unfortunate forced immigrant, aka African slaves were by law property.  Their legal value as a being was established by the price/cost of ownership.  With this as the platform for human value for the descendants of these devalued human persons, there is no question but that the legacy is a continuing devaluation of the children of these individuals.

Add to the burden of these  contemporary children, being labeled by biased testing as chronically educationally unsound in a country where at one time it was not legal for these Americans to be literate.

Yet, Educators can show leadership in a new day and a new time.  The message of respect, and care, and courage is like a portal to a new time in America. Please dont let the coyote of backlash stand you down.


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