The Absence Addiction Approach

The foundation principles of Adventures in Learning k-12 are anchored in the belief that all children are valuable and talented. The children need schools and families and educators who see them as scholars and winners regardless of social standing, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender identity.

The beginnings of the evolution of Adventures in Learning k-12 were in secondary schools where marginalized students struggled for respect and success.  To assist their quest, The Absence Addiction Program was designed to create an in- school support team to attract students who are daily truants to return to the school setting and find a safe harbor where they could learn to be engaged and productive students.  Volunteers from the community came daily to meet with these students to assist in their expression of themselves as effective learners.  Soon, these students dubbed themselves the “skippers group” and recruited their peers from the street corners and shopping malls back to the classrooms where they longed for someone there to believe in them and their potential.

Success does breed success and as time passed these students with failing grades and low daily attendance would assist their school in being recognized as one of Colorado’s Overachieving Schools by the Denver Post.  Standardized test scores were reviewed by the writer of the story and the scores soared.  Why? because failing students is a temporary state of affairs.  All students can learn and achieve.

Winning principles lead to creativity.  So every problem or challenge does not automatically have an answer written some place.  Sometimes the answer is in incubation waiting for discovery and expression.


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